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When building a digital product, collaboration and mutual understanding across teams is a key to success. The product starts with the perfect vision of the design and is brought to life by the unrelenting genius of the development team. Wedged in-between is the QA team, adapting and absorbing skills and knowledge from all sides. Skills and knowledge that, if applied with the right tools, can be implemented into the QA test strategy to maximize the quality of the product and to increase efficiency between teams.

A few examples of these tools include: Charles, an app/website traffic monitoring and debugging tool…

I sit in class, nervously awaiting roll call on the first day

Cold plastic under my hot palms, the touch of steel on my side sends chills down my spine

Chatter all around but I am still, aside from my shaking leg


It happens every year
Every semester,
Every period
I ought to be used to it by now
I ought not to be anxious
Yet it begins..




Cold sweat under my arms
The sour smell of methi fills my nostrils
Does everyone feel this way?



The calls and…

shah lalloo

Desi creative and QA

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